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We’ve been working together with for nearly eight years. is a leading online psychic reading industry and has proved to be an invaluable partner to us. set itself apart from other affiliate partnerships through their flexiblity and their willingness to work with us. They provide creative solutions for us to succeed, and are consistently committed to communicating openly with their affiliates. I’m eager to continue working with them in the future.

We’ve been partnering with since they launched their psychic affiliates program. To be honest, is one of the best converting affiliate sites on our network. We definitely recommend them to anyone seeking an affiliate partnership.

What are we looking for in an affiliate program? It’s simple, really. We want managers who are reliable, communicative, and honest; a strong brand that carries weight with customers; great sign-up and retention offers, and an intuitive user interface that presents a wide range of marketing tools to attract customer traffic.

I’m happy to say that ticks all of those boxes. With a fair and very transparent commission structure and a staff that goes out of its way to help Affiliates, even if they haven’t been working with for very long, we’re confident based on our dealings to date that we’re forming a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

We’re happy to report that is our new and great partner. Our collaboration has made our website more attractive thanks to their engaging banners and other marketing tools they provide. Also, their commission rate is favorable for us.

No affiliate should miss out on the opportunity to partner with this company. We’re truly proud to be able to work with

We’ve been working with ever since their Affiliate program began. We’ve had an awesome working relationship for several years, and have been able to consistently increase our acquisition rates thanks to the support of our Affiliate Marketing Manager.

Psychic AffiliatesThe back end is intuitive to navigate. It’s among the best ones available in the industry, which helps make life as an affiliate so much easier. Our Affiliate Marketing Manager has worked hard to recommend new ways for us to generate customers, and offered promotions he knew would work well for us. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.

Having the ability to communicate with our Affiliate Marketing Manager in our own language has been very helpful to us, and with this is always the case. Thanks to the entire team for their outstanding customer service!

We’re really pleased to be in collaboration with . Online psychic readings are very popular among our customers! Secondly, we’re quite satisfied with Eileen, our Affiliate Marketing Manager. Her professionalism is a primary reason that our partnership with has been so success for us. It’s crucial for us to communicate with a rep in our own language. We’re grateful to, and especially to Eileen for the great job she’s done for us.

We’d like to thank our partners at for our extremely productive collaboration. The input we receive from the reps consistently allow us to reach new levels of customer referrals every year. We’d like to extend a special thank-you to our rep, Ethan, for his expertise in solving the occasional issues that arise, and for keeping us in the loop with the latest marketing updates in the most professional and prompt way! We hope we can reach new heights together again next year! Best wishes!

We’ve been working with Angela from for about a year now, and can definitely say she’s among the best affiliate reps out there. She’s always available to help meet our needs and to get us just what we ask her for. She always goes above and beyond to pass along the most updated content, banners, and promotions that we ask her for to help keep our website among the leaders in our industry. Thanks Angela and!

The psychic affiliate program is the best one that I work with. I’ve been working with them for several years now, and can say they’ve always been reliable partners.

I know that some affiliates will have a different opinion, so here’s my story. When I started working with my website had a singular focus. I didn’t want to dedicate top positions to, because I didn’t think it would appeal to my target demographic. But my Affiliate Marketing Manager persuaded me to at least just give it a try. I resisted at first, but I finally agreed to. My revenue immediately began to grow, and I quickly realized that choosing to promote was a solid business decision. I made more money and was able to reinvest in both existing and new sites. I now have a diverse network of sites with varied target demographics, but appeals to them all.

Looking back, I must admit that my close partnership with was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I’d like to thank Angela, my Affiliate Marketing Manager, who has been helping me all along. has been the most supportive and friendly affiliate program I’ve tried in my seven years of online activity. She constantly focuses her attention on improving conversion rates on my site, and stood by for as long as it took me to make improvements to my sites. The affiliate program has been great, and I enjoy working with Angela towards mutual success.

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We’re really pleased to be in collaboration with . Online psychic readings are very popular amongst our customers!

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