Reading and Understanding the Aura

Everyone has an aura, and the aura is part of your energies that surround you. Psychics can help you to understand your aura and to understand your spiritual self. When you go to a psychic to get an aura reading, you will see that they can read and understand your energies.

Understanding the Aura

An aura is part of the energy that surrounds you and it has some to do with the chakras. The chakras are energies that work throughout your body and are often called the energy centers. You can help these energies to flow throughout your body in a healthy way and this happens when you are happy and calm.

The chakras and the aura is connected, and this focuses on energies in the body. There are seven main chakras in the body and these energies can form a shield around you which is your aura.

Reading an Aura

Once you understand the colors of the aura, you can see that the auras work with your mind, body and soul. The energy that comes from the chakras will travel through your body and are always changing. This can happen due to how you change in your emotions and how strong your spiritual self is.

Colors of the Auras

With the seven different chakras, you can understand that each of them are associated with a specific color. Each of the colors mean something different:


Purple is part of the spirit, and it is hardest to see. You can sometimes see these in the forms of flames.


Blue is one of the colors that can mean that you are relaxed and calm. It can also mean that you are able to communicate.


Turquoise is one that means you are energetic and that you are able to influence people with your words.


Green is a color that shows healing. This is an energetic color and can mean nature and being part of Mother Gaia.


Yellow is a color that means peace and happiness. This can also mean that you are being spiritually enlightened and awakened.


Orange is a color that means you want to have control of your life. It can also mean you are very positive and that you can manifest things to your life.


Red is a color that can mean that you love material things. It can mean that you want things in your life or that you are in love with yourself or have a strong ego.

Aura Readings and Psychics

The aura can have one or many colors. The colors can work with each other. The auras can be read by a psychic, and they can tell you what you are feeling and about your health.

If you want to know more about what is going on in your mind, body, or spirit, you can talk to a psychic and ask them to give you a psychic aura reading. The aura also will show you your emotions and can show you what things you might need to change to find peace.

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