The Hidden Meanings of Kissing in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream in which you kissed somebody? It’s very common to give and receive kisses in dreams. Kissing dreams are often symbolic. Many people believe that dream kisses have hidden meanings, but they may not mean what you think they do.

Depending on the kind of kiss, you may be in need of approval or friendship. There may be an issue you must face—either with your kissing partner or with somebody else. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, believed that dreams about kissing always involve repressed sexual desires, but most people don’t believe that. You may simply be attracted to the person you dream-kissed.

The Type of Kiss

There are many different types of kisses. When trying to figure out the meaning behind a dream kiss, the first thing to determine is what kind of kiss it was. Was it passionate or chaste? Were you content or dismayed when you woke up?

Kissing is not universal, and the types of kisses that are common vary among different cultures. These five kinds of kisses are typical in the Western world.

  • Acquaintance kisses are light pecks that are barely there. The lips barely brush, or partners merely touch cheeks. Sometimes they’re only “air kisses.”
  • Friendly kisses are usually done in fun. These firm kisses on the cheek are shared between friends.
  • Close-friend kisses are a bit more profound than friend kisses, but still lack passion and sexual overtones.
  • Parental kisses are usually planted in multiples about a child’s face and head. Playful kisses on children’s necks, shoulders, bellies, and feet are also prevalent.
  • Passionate kisses are reserved for the partner we love or feel sexually attracted to.

Who You Kissed

The next thing to determine is who you kissed. If you kissed somebody you don’t know, you may be seeking affection and love, either consciously or subconsciously.

  • If you dreamed that you passionately kissed someone who you’d never kiss for real, you may need to work out a more effective means of communication with them. If your relationship is strained, practice inward forgiveness to establish closer connections between you. For example, a dream that you kissed your mother-in-law may mean that you need to settle an interpersonal issue or learn how to interact more constructively with her. Introspectively forgiving her will allow you to view her more positively.
  • Dream-kissing your sister’s boyfriend doesn’t automatically mean that you’re secretly longing for him. Your subconscious may be employing the dream kiss to illustrate that you’re missing romantic love in your life. Or, it could be evidence of suppressed jealousy, which you must admit to and work through. But if you did kiss him out of secret longing, it’s best to avoid him for the sake of your relationship with your sister.
  • If you dreamed you kissed a professional colleague, you may desire respect or recognition at work. Or, you may simply think they’re hot.
  • Kissing another member of the same sex doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sexually attracted to them. Dream kisses don’t always distinguish genders. Before drawing conclusions, try to discern the type of kiss. You may have repressed fantasies, but that doesn’t mean you should follow through and act on them.
  • It’s common to kiss either a real person you don’t actually know or an imaginary person in a dream. Depending on the context of the kiss, you may be expressing your esteem, granting a blessing, yearning for affection, or paying respect.

How You Felt

When you wake up after a dream kiss, you may experience some residual emotions. Passion, disgust confusion, guilt, or happiness all figure into your understanding of the dream. If the dream was realistic and vivid, the effects of the kiss may linger with you for a while.

Dream kisses can sometimes surprise you. That may be a positive or a negative, depending on who was involved and the kind of kiss it was. If the kiss was unwelcome and coerced, it may mean that somebody is forcing you to do something. The situation may or may not involve sex.

Unwanted dream kisses may also signal the presence of anxiety, whether it’s general or is related to one specific issue. You may feel as though you’re being exposed, embarrassed, or losing control. To resolve the situation, approach the issues with a practical mindset. You may need to develop proactive systems for dealing with certain situations and people.

A comforting kiss that leaves you with positive feelings suggests that you’re satisfied with your current life circumstances. The dream kiss confirms that everything is well and all things are as they should be.

When you kiss someone “goodbye” in a dream, your subconscious is trying to warn you that it’s time for you to make some amends. It could be that someone close to you will soon be leaving your life, that you didn’t keep your word, or that you regret some action or inaction.

The Circumstances

The circumstances of the dream kiss are often related to its meaning. For example, was the kiss in public or private? Were you alone with the person, or were others present?

Public kissing in a dream shows you’re not afraid to express yourself, even when it’s not comfortable to do so. This type of dream may occur when you’re facing a difficult task, such as a speech, presentation, or interview. Consider this type of dream to be a positive omen.

Dreaming of covert kissing often indicates that you’re betraying somebody close to you. It can also mean you’re trying to keep something secret, or you have unexpressed desires. Guilt often motivates a kiss in a dream, which serves as a clear sign that you have issues to clear up.

If the dream kiss genuinely bothered you, try writing about your feelings. The simple act of writing down what it meant to you in the moment may help you self-analyze the dream and resolve your negative impressions.

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