Using Numerology to Understand Divine Messages

Patterns are essential in tarot numerology.  The numbers in each group of Tarot cards direct the querent to areas they need to improve or potential solutions, including timing.  We will explore the numbers 1-10 in the Minor Arcana that are group in four distinct suits.  Below we have included a description of each suit.

Staffs (Wands, Rods, Staves, Batons, or Clubs)

This suit reflects the element of Fire and the associated Fire zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  Fire helps light our way forward, keeps us warm and dry, and sparks your passions.  On the flip side, fide can cause chaos, burns things to the ground, and produce destructive endings.  Staffs act as tokens of inspiration, passion, drive, ambition, life energy, creativity (including sexual or artistic energies), motivation, success, and willpower.

Cups (Vessels, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts)

This suit is connected to the element of Water, and the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  Water nurtures life helping to cleanse and purify us, but can also drown us if we are reckless.  Cups is tied to emotions and feelings that are both positive and negative.  It is the suit of intuition, spirituality, desires, relationships, love, and romance.  They speak to your heart and those that you love, and how love is the greatest power in the Universe.

Coins (Pentacles, Disks, Rings, and Diamonds)

The suit of Earth element forces and the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Earth provides us our foundation to build the life we crave.  Yet, when the Earth fissures it can shake us to our very core and dismantle all the progress we have made thus far.  Coins are tied to wealth, finances, career, abundance, practicality, stability, sturdiness, and how we manifest our goals.

Swords (Knives, Blades, and Spades)

The suit of Air and the Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.  Air is key to our vitality.  Although it is invisible, Air refreshes and cleanses us with the circulating breezes.  Be weary of the strength of wind or else risk devastation.  Air signifies communication, thought, logic, ideals, wisdom, managing conflict, perception, and mindfulness.

Minor Arcana Numerology

One/Ace: New beginnings, opportunities, and the potential power of manifestation.  In Tarot, Aces reflect the essence of a suit and can indicate good luck or good fortune.  In readings, Aces can serve as a cosmic “yes” to a question.

  • Ace of Staffs: Courage, Vitality, Spark of Inspiration
  • Ace of Cups: Love, Connect with the Divine, Strong Intuition
  • Ace of Swords: Clarity, Mental Fortitude, Truth
  • Ace of Coins: Abundance, Successful Business, Successful Manifestation

Two:  Union, harmony, and balance in on its way.  You may have a choice or seeing the duality of the situation’s nature.  Two is a number of pairings, polarity, and relationships.  It asks you to make a decision and understand how your actions affect others.

  • Two of Staffs: Planning, Ideas are taking root, Time to make minor decisions
  • Two of Cups: Union, Reciprocated Love, Emotional Bonds, Harmony
  • Two of Swords: Inability to decide, Feeling Stuck
  • Two of Coins: Time for Balance, Sort out your finances, Weigh your options

Three:  Abundance, growth, family, fertility, partnership.  Numerological three is the blending of ones and twos signifying groups and teamwork.

  • Three of Staff: Happy anticipation, Gratitude, Approaching blessings
  • Three of Cups: Joy, tight friendship; strong emotional bonds, family
  • Three of Swords: Division, Tricky communication patterns, Sorrow
  • Three of Coins: Holy Trinity, Working successfully in a team setting

Four:  Stability, foundation, security.  Your base and skeleton of your desires is strong, sturdy and well-built.

  • Four of Staffs: Celebration, Potential marriage, Achieving goals
  • Four of Cups: Suspicion of something being offered, Detachment, Avoidance, Apathy
  • Four of Swords: Need to rest, limbo, Need for recovery
  • Four of Coins: Security, Clinging onto something, Withhold information, Selfishness

Five:  Change, conflict, instability, transition, challenging your norms.  This is a time for transformation and change both bad or good.

  • Five of Staffs: Fighting, Arguments, Unhealthy competition, Strife
  • Five of Cups: Grief, Inability to see the positive, Need of mindset shift to see solutions are possible.
  • Five Swords: You won the battle, but lost the war, defeat, deception, bullying
  • Five of Coins: Financial burden, Feeling left out, but you can find your way with a bit of work

Six:  Cooperation, communication, balance, peace, mutual aid.  Sixes help us discover solutions to preserve over conflict.

  • Six of Staffs: Victory, an engagement or wedding ring, Positive news, Success
  • Six of Cups: Helpful assistance, Healing, Childlike joy
  • Six of Swords: Moving on, but you it may return later
  • Six of Coins: Good Samaritan, Generous gifts appearing, Receiving your requests

Seven:  Wisdom, faith, stagnation, reflection, and introspection.  Sevens ask us to search within to reassess if you are following the best course of action.  Time alone can be healing.

  • Seven of Staffs: Winning a noble battle, Hope, You might be on the defensive, Stay your course
  • Seven of Cups: Fantasizing, Feeling confused and overstimulated; Be careful of drug or alcohol use
  • Seven of Swords: Experience loss, theft or deceit, You might have lost something but more blessings remain
  • Seven of Coins: Patience, Happy results, Experience growth, Seeking fulfillment

Eight:  Power, mastery, strength, protection, and achievement.  Eight signifies authority, becoming a leader, and enjoying growth or achievement both within and externally.

  • Eight of Staffs: Quick movement, Travel, Joyous news soon approaching
  • Eight of Cups: Walking away, Dejection, Tricky path to walk
  • Eight of Swords: Stagnation that only exists in your mind, Overanalyzing, Feeling stuck
  • Eight of Coins: Doing hard work, Working out a problem, Learning new skills

Nine:  Fulfillment, attainment, growth, and expansion.  Nines tells us we are near our goal and are likely to achieve our goals.

  • Nine of Staffs: The worst is behind you, Stay focus, Strength, Resilience
  • Nine of Cups: You dream is coming true, Joy, Fulfilment, Sense of Peace
  • Nine of Swords: Although its scary looking and is tied to anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, and sadness, hope still exists.  You answer lays within the problem.
  • Nine of Coins: Inheritance, Generational wealth, Rewards, Reaping a good harvest, Balance mindset.

Ten:  The cycle is complete and goals are reached.  Renewal and situations coming full circle.  Ten are the number of completed cycles and preparing for new beginnings.

  • Ten of Staffs: Intense burden, Frustration, Keep preserving onto success
  • Ten of Cups: Rewarding marriage/partnership/family, Emotional security, Healthy love
  • Ten of Swords: Although scary looking, it signals a transition from a dark place with hope being resurrected
  • Ten of Coins: Family, Property transaction, Legacy, Prosperity, The fruit on the Tree of Life

Sum of all parts

The number of a Tarot card is only a part of an overall message.  Look at the cards as a tapestry.  Tarot and numerology are strong partners, and if multiple of the same number appear in a reading pay close attention to a potential message.  Trust that Universe is sending you answer and it is up to you to look for the clue and process the information you receive.

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