3 Powerful Laws of Attraction

A law is an absolute, regardless if you believe in it or not.  Much like the law of gravity and other laws of physics, the Laws of Attraction function at all times.  These three laws (Like Attracts Like, Natures Abhors a Vacuum, and The Present is Always Perfect) rely on a number of principles made up of a series of actionable steps.  By understanding these Laws and how they work, you can begin to recognize their impact on your life and how they can help you achieve your dreams and desires.

Law 1:  Like Attracts Like

Despite the common adage of opposites attract, it is most common for similarities to be more compatible.  Often, romantic partners come from similar socio-economic or education backgrounds.  This is due to thoughts attracting results based on what we think, believe or act upon.  Thus, our actions produce tangible impact in life.  Having a myriad of toxic or limiting beliefs creates a scarcity of action.  If you a prone to believe that short men are less intelligent it is unlikely that you would be interested in dating short men.  The first step is attracting a capable suitor is to eliminate your negative thoughts. Then, replace them with positive beliefs and work to make these concept feel realistic to you through meaningful action steps.  One such step is to consider all the ways a person could demonstrate intelligence.  Work at frequenting places like bookstores, music shops, athletic games or poetry slams that can introduce to a variety of venues for someone to showcase their knowledge.

Eliminate neediness

No one wants to be around someone who is clingy.  This can also be said for the Law of Attraction when being in a constant state of “wanting.”  When you are wanting you are projecting out neediness and insecurity.  Therefore, you will get more insecurity back from the universe rather than the action steps forward you desire.  This is why struggling in love may place you in a cycle of unsuitable suitors.  Instead get clear on what you are working towards.  If you are looking for a new job, don’t plead for “any old job.”  Write down the key roles and duties would best fit your lifestyle and then focus on this list every day when thinking about your next job opportunity.

Law 2:  Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This Law is rooted in the laws of thermodynamics.  One can never create a true void, because atoms are always moving and immediately enter a free space.  Consider how when you empty a junk drawer, you return a few weeks later to see it filling up again.  Embrace your Marie Kondo and realize that tidying up is a life-long skill and through the act of creating space you can attract new desirable items.

Law 3:  The Present is Always Perfect

Sure, you can find flaw anywhere you look.  Someone in the world is starving and war is sad, but constant reality.  Your inbox will always need purging and you are constantly looking to spruce up your home or wardrobe.  Instead of complaining about what is going wrong, focus on the attributes that you appreciate or may eventually provide you with an opportunity.

My mother once gave me the example of “I get to do this.”  When she wants to complain about dealing with the trials of her aging mother, she takes a step back and thinks “my mother is 96 years old and still has all her faculties about her, I get to still be involved in her life.”  This gets her mind to switch away from the frustrations of any nagging or difficulty to the reality that she gets to still enjoy having her mother around and so vibrant.  It turns something that could be negative into a positive experience.  Embracing a similar mindset will help you attract new blessings and opportunities into your life, because as we learned, like attracts like!  If you want a perfect home, perfect the one you are currently in.

While you are working on improving your current situation, include putting out feelers to test the waters of new opportunities, like searching out a new realtor or visiting the occasional open house.  As you get more facetime with professionals or see what else is out there, you will become clearer and clear on what matters to you and what areas you are willing to budge on.  Instead on focusing on all the ways your current place is stifling you, put forth the effort to attract your dream home into your life.  This is an excellent way to harness the power of the Laws of Attraction in your life.

Exercise to increase the Law of Attraction in your life

Sometime this week, select one aspect of your life you want to perfect.  Go beyond tidying things up to making it best it can possibly be.  For example, if you want to improve your office don’t just sorts through old files and toss old pens.  Ensure the layout is exactly the way you want it.  Buy new furniture if you feel compelled to, especially consider buying a new desk chair.  Get help to move furniture into a better configuration for you.  Paint the walls and optimize your storage, etc.  Make sure you feel bolstered every time you step into the room!  Overtime you can perfect each facet of your life, but for now just focus on one area and get started.  With time and practice perfecting your present situation becomes easier and more effective, and you will gain increasing amounts of energy as each avenue in your life is optimized.

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